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PROGRAM: October 14, 7pm ‒ "Do You Need a Mesh WiFi Router?", presented by Joel Ewing.  This will look at how mesh WiFi routers are different, and how they are a better solution than multiple routers or WiFi extenders in homes or buildings where consistent WiFi coverage everywhere is a problem.
  This public meeting is in Rm 1001, lower level of Highlands Crossing Center, 1801 Forest Hills Blvd, Bella Vista. 

DUES CHANGE: In August the Board approved a modest change in our annual dues to raise the dues for a single membership from $20 to $25.  The dues for additional family members was left unchanged at $10.  This change will be effective September 1, 2019 for renewals or new memberships.

NOTE: We believe issues with access to the HCC building doors "A" and "C" for the General Meeting have been resolved by delaying the locking time of outside doors to 7:30PM.  In addition the old "Village House" entrance at the NE end of the ground floor is again accessible for BVCC functions. 

Class Offerings

Classes held in our Training Center are free to BVCC members.  You must pre-register for each training sessions separately listed below by signing up at a preceeding General Meeting; or by contacting Education Chair Grace Chang at, texting her at 469-733-8395, or calling 479-270-1643.  Supply class title, your name, phone number, and email contact information.  If by email or text, you should follow-up if a confirmation response is not received within 24 hours.  Contact information is used to send a class reminder, or to advise should it be necessary to cancel or reschedule the class.

October Classes

Computer Security for Regular People, Part 2, scheduled for Tuesday, October 15, 6:30pm - 8:30pm has been CANCELED at the request of the instructor.  The class schedules for Part 1 and Part 2 will be shifted by one month, with the canceled Part2 being offered on November 19 and the next Part 1 class on December 17.

Slow PC? Let’s Upgrade or Buy New, has been scheduled for Tuesday, October 22, 9am - 11am.  What affects the speed and data capacity of your computer?  Learn the difference between a desktop and laptop and how and how to compare your computer to other computers.  That will help you decide whether to upgrade your old PC or buy a new one.  You will also learn how to double the speed of your old PC by upgrading your hard drive to an SSD (Solid State Drive).  

Why, When and How to Backup Your C Drive , has been scheduled for Tuesday, October 29, 9am - 11am.  Everyone needs to understand backups.  The time to worry about backup procedures is always before they are needed.
   This class will cover the reasons one should make backups, what should prompt making a new backup, free backup programs that may be used, and where to place your backups.  Topics include installation of a backup program, an overview and demostration of the backup process, and how to create and boot from a Rescue CD to rebuild a damaged C drive. 

November Classes

Using Windows 10, has been scheduled for Wednesday November 13, 9am - noon.  This is a revised class for Windows 10 Feature level 1903, covering from basics of Windows 10, through usage techniques and some recommended add on programs.  instructor Joel Ewing.. 

Computer Security for Regular People, Part 2, has been scheduled for Tuesday, November 19, 6:30pm - 8:30pm.  This is a class to translate the basic concepts of computer and network security to regular people.  No need for you to be a computer expert!  Part Two will go through all the common types of devices you might use.  Then, we will discuss how to mitigate your risks in the simplest way possible.  instructor Justin Sell, Bella Vista Computer Services.  Note the evening class time and the change to "Part 2"

December Classes

Computer Security for Regular People, Part 1 has been scheduled for Tuesday, December 17, 6:30 - 8:30 pm.  This is a class to translate the basic concepts of computer and network security to regular people.  No need for you to be a computer expert!  Part one will go through common uses of computers.  Then, for each use we discuss what your risks are and if you should even be worried.  instructor Justin Sell, Bella Vista Computer Services.  Note the evening class time. 

The room used for our monthly meetings is Room 1001 in the West wing of the lower level.  Access to that room and the BVCC Training Center in the East wing of the lower level is from building entrances A and C, or from the old "Village House" entrance at the North East end of the lower level.  See the "Directions to the Training Center" menu item for additional details.

Check out the Meeting Presentations page for items related to recent and past program topics.

If on-line purchases at are instead made at, Amazon will donate a percentage of the purchase cost to a charity of your choice.  BVCC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and has been registered at the Amazon site to be eligible for such gifts.  If you are not already set up at for a charity, consider naming BVCC by using the link at the right.  You will be asked if you want to make BVCC your charity for purchases.

The BVCC Board of  Directors has established an incentive program for hours credited to the Computer Club through volunteer hours worked at the AARP Recycle Center:

  • If you work 10 hours you can redeem those hours for priority service at one of the Club’s help clinics.  When you walk into a help clinic with this "Golden Ticket" you are next. 

  • If you work 36 hours you can redeem those hours for a free  one-year membership. 

  • If you work 54 hours you can redeem those hours for a free one year membership for yourself and your spouse.

All hours worked must be credited to the Computer Club in order to receive any of the above incentives. 

Free Computer Classes - Members of the Computer Club can take computer classes at no charge.   The yearly membership fee is $25.00 for the first member in a household and $10.00 for each additional membership in the same household. 

The PayPal button below will allow you to make a donation to the Computer Club using your PayPal account or a credit card.  This process provides you with a receipt for tax purposes.  Thank you for your continuing support.  
We are not currently setup to process donations for membership dues.  Please use the Membership Application link on the left side of this page, and mail in your dues or pay in person.

The minutes of the previous general meetings are available on the web site.  They can be accessed from the Table of Contents on the left side.

Members, please send changes to your email address or changes to your other contact information to our Membership Chair at We send meeting reminders and other notices via email.

BVCC Flyer -
If you know of a location in the Bella Vista and surrounding area where it would be appropriate to post a flyer advertising the Bella Vista Computer Club, you can either obtain a flyer from a BVCC officer or Board member, or if you have a color printer you may download and print your own.  Select either an 8.5"x11" version, or a quarter-size version, 4 per page, which may be cut to produce four smaller flyers.