Recycle Center Volunteers

The 2019 trade war with China has resulted in China ceasing to purchase recycled materials from the US, with the result that the market for recycled materials is severely depressed.  Effective in September 2019 The Bella Vista Recycle Center has been forced by financial constraints to cease payments on grants to non profits in the Bella Vista area.  Although the Recycle Center still has a need for volunteers and it is hoped that at some point in the future BVCC will again see grant funds from BVCC volunteers working at the Recycle Center, no one can foresee when that might happen.

The Bella Vista Recycle Center is located on the East side of Highway 71 South of the Town Center, Exit 98, and is only accessible when heading North.  Approaching from the South, the Recycle Center sign and turn off is just after the Pinion Creek sign and a few hundred feet South of the exit 98 exit lane.  Leaving the Recycle Center, Exit 98 can be used to get turned around to return to the South.  When approaching from the North, you will have to use one of the intersections South of Town-Center/Lancashire, like Pinion Drive, to get turned around and headed North to reach the Recycle Center.

Multiple tasks are available, but the most likely assignment is helping at the receiving area where people drop off materials.

The recommendation from a regular volunteer is to consider working 2-3 hours per visit, depending on staffing.

Volunteers can show up and advise the foreman on duty that you are there and working for BVCC and how long you can work.  There is a "Volunteer Binder" at the working station inside the building, and that binder has a BVCC tab/page.  Regular volunteers will have their name typed on the BVCC page and they just note hours worked under the appropriate date.  Other volunteers need to write in their name and the hours worked.

Questions may be directed to Ken Nelson, (one of BVCC's regular volunteers).