BVCC Member Survey

The continued operation of BVCC depends on members willing to volunteer and serve in various elected and appointed positions.  Volunteering is not a declaration that you believe you are the "most qualified", merely a declaration you are willing to serve and learn whatever skills the job requires.

Indicate if you Would be willing to accept or seriously consider a nomination for one of the following elected Board positions (check all that apply).  Most positions are elected annually at the August General Meeting for a term of one year starting in September.  The only absolute requirement is access to the Internet and email and attendance at monthly Board and General Meetings.  The Secretary needs to be able use use MS Word or LibreOffice Writer and the Treasurer needs to be able to use Excel or Calc for spreadsheets, but the minimal skills required are easily taught.  While the Board as a whole needs some access to technical expertise, none of these individual Board positions by themselves requires a high level of technical expertise. 


Attend Board meetings; carry out specific tasks designated by the Board.

The president presides over the Board and General Meetings, prepares the agenda for those meetings, and is responsible for overseeing the activities of BVCC and that all required activities are covered.  Helps if you know the basics about conducting meetings, but these are skills that can be learned.

Carries out the activities of the president in the absence of the president and any other assigned activities.

Takes minutes of all Board and General Meetings and submits the minutes in digital form to the Webmaster for archival on the website and distribution to the Board and membership.

Deposits money received by BVCC and pays BVCC bills, recording transactions using a spreadsheet workbook; generates monthly and FY digital reports for the Board and for BVCC permanent digital archives; submits fairly trivial annual digital non-profit report to IRS and annual digital report of BVCC non-profit corporation Board & Officer contact information to Arkansas Secretary of State; manages Arvest checking, money market accounts and safe deposit box; pick up mail for BVCC from HCC post box; submit proposed annual budget to Board based on past budgets and known changes; collects dues at monthly General Meetings.  Does NOT require an Excel or Calc expert, just basic skills and on-job training,

There are also a number of appointed positions in BVCC.  A few are explicitly appointed annually, but term of all appointed positions is by mutual consent.  Some of these positions also attend Board Meetings.  While technically they are not voting members of the Board, their input and participation in discussions is welcomed. 
Check all positions for which you would be willing to serve:

Maintains the BVCC member roster spreadsheet; accepts membership applications at General Meetings; coordinates with Treasurer to hand over in-person dues payments and obtain membership applications received in mail; handles mass emailing to BVCC members about monthly meetings and other BVCC events of interest; attends Board meetings. 

Obtains information about monthly meetings and emails monthly BVCC Announcement for Weekly Vista and NWADG papers; serves as a contact point for those interested in BVCC.

Our Program Chair is currently a collective Board effort, but would be nice if we had someone with community contacts that could come up with some additional program sources for General Meetings and coordinate planning for future meetings further in advance.  Our primary program sources at this point are from members and occasional videos from APCUG.

The Education Chair prepares class signup sheets, collects list of those signing up for classes at meetings, by email. text, or phone and verifies membership status; supplies class instructor with signup list; coordinates any change in class scheduling among instructor and students; passes on any queries or suggestions for classes to potential instructors; helps resolve class scheduling issues.

Assist with solving problems at Help Clinics.  This needs to be someone who has some familiarity with the most common computer problems and their resolution, and who knows how to research those that may be less familiar.  Many of the people who help are self-taught from years of maintaining their own computers.  One of the ways you can learn is by observing others solve problems.  Problems at help clinics range from easy "how to" software questions to problems that may require replacing failed hard drives or system re-install.  Having helpers with different backgrounds is valuable, because everyone's skill set is different.

Consolidate information from multiple sources to publish the monthly Bits & Bytes Newsletter around the 1st of the month by providing the Webmaster with ODT and PDF versions for archival.  The Newsletter contains monthly meeting and class information and one or more articles.  The APCUG group of which BVCC is a member supplies us with a number of articles from which we can select, you can solicit articles from other BVCC members, or you can write your own if there is some computer-related or BVCC-related topic in which you have special interest.  Although there are more sophisticated publishing applications available, use of widely used free publishing tools, like LibreOffice Writer, is recommended to make it easier to hand this job to a new Editor and share articles with APCUG.  Formatting can be accomplished by just cloning the newsletter from a prior month, so that most of time required each month is for assembling the content, not trying to re-invent the format and artwork.  If we create original articles, those are shared with APCUG to become part of the collection of APCUG articles that we also utilize.

Maintains the equipment in the Training Center; sees that PCs, laptops, and other equipment get updated and serviced; sees that the Training Center is open for classes and and other events, with some qualified officer present as needed.  This requires having some comfort level with both hardware and software maintenance of all the equipment in the Training Center.  Typically this means the Director's skill set will also qualify him to give assistance at Help Clinics and possibly teach some classes or present some programs at a General Meeting.

You do not need to be an expert on all features of an application or an Operating System to teach the most useful features to someone who is a new user.  If you use a computer application extensively yourself, you could easily be qualified to teach an introductory course.  Instructors typically develop an MS-PowerPoint or LO-Impress slide presentation and/or other handout for students, possibly using materials for a previous similar class as a starting point.  Technical assistance is available for use of hardware and software used for presenting.  We have a digital projector, and 16 student desktop systems that can be used for courses that have a "hands-on" component.  Instructors can choose to use our "instructor" computer or use their own laptop for presenting (VGA and HDMI supported).  The Training Center has Internet access, but it is speed-constrained, so some activities, like multiple students doing video streaming concurrently, would probably not work.  

This could be about an application that you use extensively, or even about specialized use of an application that might be useful to others.  This would also include other topics that might be of general interest to people that use computer devices or the Internet.

Manage the BVCC website and email accounts and archive BVCC digital records on our website.  This includes seeing that our annual web-hosting and domain name bills get paid.  This job is one of the more technically demanding in BVCC.  While basic updating of the website can be done by following some rote update procedures, more substantive changes requires a willingness to learn some of the basics of HTML5, CSS and PHP languages, basic usage of MySQL databases, and how to transfer updated files and databases to and from our website while maintaining reasonable backups.  There are a number of reasons why doing website maintenance from a Linux system is simpler, but a Windows platform could be used.  Various website building tools have been looked at in the past, but they all have their own limitations and learning curves, and sometimes introduce potential website security issues.


Any additional relevant remarks you wish to make.