Volunteers Needed

Over the years, we have helped our members with many classes as new Windows programs were introduced, with classes on a variety of subjects, with Help Clinics and Open Houses, with Income Tax Preparation assistance, with drawings for free laptop computers, and provided other benefits.  Many of us have had more than one computer fixed by our expert members.

Over the years, the BVCC has benefited from many capable and talented volunteers.  We need more people who are willing to serve if we are to survive long-term as an organization.  We especially need more who are willing to share existing expertise, or willing to learn enough to where they can share, by helping in planning or conducting some of our classes, assisting with Help Clinics or by giving a program presentation.  Our Help Clinics and classes are essential in attracting new members, and it takes people to keep these services functional.

Keeping a Training Center and equipment to support classes costs us over $6,800 annually.  Only a part of our income is from dues.  A significant portion of our income is derived from AARP grant funds based on BVCC-member volunteer hours at the Bella Vista AARP Recycling Center.  Without sufficient volunteer hours at the Recycling Center, BVCC cannot support a Training Center long-term.  If you have an hour or more you can give to the Recycling Center, volunteer and be sure to indicate your time should be credited to BVCC.

Most of the clubs in Bella Vista need volunteers and we are no different.  We need your enthusiasm and willingness to volunteer.  If you have expertise in some particular area and would be willing to teach a class (check out our current and past classes list), contact our Education Committee.  If you would be willing to serve in any of our leadership positions, or have any suggestions, contact our President.

BVCC Officers are elected for a term of one year; Board members are elected for a term of 2 years with one Board member elected in even years and two elected in odd years.  A nominating committee will be appointed every July in preparation for elections at the August general meeting, with all paid members in attendance eligible to vote.  Officer terms begin in September following the election.  Committee positions are appointed. 

See if your interests and talent fit with any of our BVCC Board or Chairmen positions from the following brief descriptions of their duties.  Board Members are the only members who can vote at the Board Meetings.  If you willing to serve or assist in any of these capacities, contact either the nominating committee or one of the current officers or Board members.


  • President - Preside over all monthly meetings of the Board and General Meetings.  Provide leadership to the BVCC and maintain relationship with Highlands Crossings management.  Oversee the management of the Computer Lab.

  • Vice-President - Preside over all monthly meetings of the Board and General Meetings in the absence of the president.  Assist the President with whatever needs attention.

  • Secretary - Take minutes of all monthly Board Meetings and monthly general meeting and handle correspondence as needed.

  • Treasurer - Present a Monthly Financial Report to the Board and General Membership, issue checks, keep track of all accounts, conduct all financial matters in a business-like manner.

  • Board Member (3 Positions) - Serve in rotating terms so not all members are new at once.  Vote on all matters pertaining to the club. Some research required occasionally.  Perform whatever tasks the President wants done.


Most Committee Chairmen attend the Board Meetings and General Meetings.

  • Membership - Present a Monthly Report to the Board on the status of membership and maintain the membership roster.  Sit at the door of the meeting to greet new members, enroll members and collect dues.  Sends out notices of our meetings.

  • Newsletter Editor - Publishes "Bits and Bytes" monthly.

  • Programs - Invites Guest Speakers and plans programs of interest to the members and guests.

  • Public Relations - Sends out notices of our meetings and guest speakers.

  • Webmaster - Maintains our web site.

  • Education - Coordinates with instructor(s) to determine what classes should be scheduled and when (instructor writes own lesson plans), helps with maintenance of the computers in the lab, and enrolls students in classes.

  • Training Center Administrator - Maintains all the equipment in the Computer Lab.

  • Genealogy Liaison - Works with community members interested in Genealogy research.