BVCC Location

The BVCC meets in Highlands Crossing Center (HCC), 1801 Forest Hills Blvd., Bella Vista, AR.   All meetings are on the lower level of HCC.  On the main level, you may use entrance A on the West side or entrance C on the South side and take the elevator or stairs to the bottom floor.  Alternatively, you can use the NE ("Village House") entrance on the lower level.  Entrance A (Main entrance facing Forest Hills Blvd) is closer to the stairs. Entrance C (The Apartments) has a covered walkway, is closer to the elevator.  The NE lower-level entrance is closest to the Training Center and avoids the need for stairs or elevator, but is farthest from the General Meeting room. 

BVCC Monthly meetings are in Room 1001, NW wing of the lower floor.  Classes, Help Clinics, and Board Meetings are held in the BVCC John Ruehle Center (Suite 208) NE wing lower floor.

Entrance A takes you into the main lobby, with stairs to lower level directly ahead.  If you bear to the right of the stairwell, that takes you past the mailboxes and to Entrance C where the elevator is located. 

Entrance C brings you in at the elevator to the lower level.  If you bear to the left from the entrance, that takes you past the mailboxes to the main lobby and stairwell to the lower level. 

At the bottom of the stairs, you take the doors to the hallway to the left to reach the General Meeting room, first room on the right; or take the doors to the hallway on the right and go down a long hallway to reach the John Ruehle Center (BVCC Lab) where classes are held. 

From the elevator on the lower level, you have to bear to the left to pass through the small Gallery by the BVCTV offices, and when reaching the hall go left to reach the meeting room, or right to go to the John Ruehle Center. 

From the NE lower-level entrance, bear left through the entrance lobby and the BVCC John Ruehle Training Center (classes, Help Clinics, Genealogy SIG, Board Meetings) will be on your left.  For the 2nd-Monday General Meeting, continue past the Training Center down the long hallway until you pass the base of the stairs, and proceed through the double doors into the NW wing to the first room on the right.

Entrance A

View from main lobby toward stairs. Mailboxes are to right and Entrance C, where elevator is located, visible beyond that.

Entrance C

NE Lower-Level ("Village House") Entrance