The annual membership fee to be a member of BVCC is $30 for the first member of a household and $15 for each additional membership in the same household.  The 12-month renewal anniversary of the first member in a household sets the renewal date for all subsequent members in the same household. 

Becoming a BVCC member is like investing in very modest insurance for your computer devices.  The benefits of membership include free classes, free help with computer-related issues at Help Clinics, and free remote help where possible.  Depending on the willingness and availability of our volunteer helpers, house calls have even been done when remote service could not resolve an issue that was site-setup specific.  The need for any one of these services over the course of a year would more than justify our modest annual membership fee.

We use a member's email address as our primary contact point throughout the year, and phone numbers only if the email fails.   Members, please send changes to your email address or changes to your other contact information to our Membership Chair at

How to Become a Member of BVCC