Help Clinics

With the vaccination of many of our members and a decline in new COVID-19 cases in NWA, the BVCC Board has resumed in-person Help Clinics effective May 19.  The Board still recommends as a precaution observing social distancing and masking as much as practical.  It may also be possible to resolve or help with some issues over the telephone and via remote desktop support over the Internet using AnyDesk or some similar tool.  See Member Benefits ► Remote Help for the procedure for a BVCC member to request Remote Help.

Members may bring in the PCs, laptops, or other smart devices a BVCC Help Clinic at the John Ruele Training Center in the Highlands Crossing Center.  The Help Clinics are on the first Saturday and third Wednesday of the month from 9 am to noon.  For desktops, it is not necessary to bring the display or a USB keyboard or USB mouse.  For laptops, be sure to bring the AC Power adapter.  If there are any external devices relevant to the problem, bring those (exception: WiFi-connected devices), and bring any passwords. external backup drives, etc that may be relevant to solving the problem.

WiFi-connected devices (like printers) must generally be worked on in the home, because they must be customized for your home WiFi network.  If tested at the Help Clinic, they would have to be reconfigured to work with the BVCC WiFi, which would break any configuration for the intended home network. 

While much of our support tends to center around PCs and MS Windows, we also have members with experience with other platforms and Operating Systems.  It would probably be good to call or email in advance for issues with other devices or Operating System, or with some unusual purchased application, to see if we have anyone able to handle that. 

Some problems can be handled remotely via the Internet and tools like AnyDesk, provided of course your machine will successfully boot and you have a functional Internet.  In special cases some of our Help Clinic personnel have even been willing to do occasional house calls in cases where the problem can only be resolved on site.  In the past the procedures for requesting remote service or house calls has been pretty informal, sometimes set up at a Help Clinic depending on the people involved and time constraints of volunteers.  In light of current suspension of in-person Help Clinics, we are trying to come up with a more formalized approach with specific email or phone contact points.

While you do have to be a member to attend a Help Clinic, it is possible to fill out a membership form with payment at a Help Clinic.