BVCC History

The Bella Vista Computer Club was incorporated in 1995.  The original officers and Board members included John Ruehle (Pres), Robert Coleman (VP), Arvie Matalon (Sec/Treas), Earl Cummings, Dean Dufur, and William Youngman.  Robert Colemen and Earl Cummings were still listed on a November 2008 roster, but none of the original Board were left on the roster when I joined BVCC in 2011. 

My understanding is that John Ruehle and others worked during the planning stages of Highlands Crossing Center in Bella Vista to lay out the facility that is now the John R. Ruehle BVCC Training Center.  BVCC moved into those facilities in September 2004.

It has taken many dedicated volunteers over the years to keep BVCC functional -- serving as officers or Board members, teaching classes, giving programs, working at the Help Clinics, maintaining the Training Center, and doing all the other tasks necessary to keep things working.  We need more to help.  You don't need to be an expert to start.  Some who became our greatest assets started as neophytes but learned through classes and experience with BVCC to become experts! 

Those who gave many years of service to BVCC: (incomplete - supply other names)
John R.Ruehle
Earl Cummings
Chuck Billman
Ryan Smith
Don Hood

   J Ewing, Mar 2020