Helpers Needed

Over the years, the BVCC has benefited from many capable and talented volunteers.  We especially need more who are willing to share existing expertise, or willing to learn enough to where they can share.  We need people to plan or conduct classes, to assist others at Help Clinics, or to give a program presentation on a computer-related topic of special interest to them.  Our Help Clinics, classes, and programs are what attracts new members, and it takes people to keep those services functional.

If you have expertise in some particular area and would be willing to teach a class (check out our current and past classes list) or present a program, contact our Education Committee.  If you would be willing to serve in any of our leadership positions, or have any suggestions, contact our President.

It would be very helpful if members would fill out a member survey (requires a survey login) indicating areas in which they might be able to contribute to the operation of BVCC.  This is requested from new members who may bring skills and talents with them, and from old members as they gain experience or have changes in other commitments that might allow increasing their commitment to BVCC. 

BVCC Officers are elected for a term of one year; Board members are elected for a term of 2 years with one Board member elected in even years and two elected in odd years.  A nominating committee will be appointed every July in preparation for elections at the August general meeting, with all BVCC members in attendance eligible to vote.  Officer terms begin in September following the election.  Committee positions are appointed.  If you are willing to serve in any of these capacities, contact either the nominating committee or one of the current officers or Board members.

All officers need to have Internet access, as email is the primary means for Board communications.   Some positions do require some basic word processing or spreadsheet processing skills, but these are all skills that can easily be taught with some on-job training.   There is no need for any officer to purchase any additional software, as LibreOffice provides a free office suite that is more than adequate for word processing and spreadsheets, and Thunderbird provides a very capable free email client that easily can send mass emails to members.   Any free software support that might be required is available for MS Windows, Linux, and MacOS platforms.

Officers are expected and Chairpersons are encouraged to attend Board meetings (normally held monthly in the Training Center during the hour before the monthly General Meeting) and also to attend the General meetings, but absences are possible as long as pre-arrangements are made to cover their responsibilities.

Voting Board Members

Committee Chairs

Most Committee Chairs attend the Board Meetings and General Meetings.