Member Join/Renew

On-line memberships and membership renewals are now supported for BVCC.  A single membership is $30 for a 12-month membership.  For a new member, membership is effective at the beginning of the month in which dues are paid, ending the last day of the 12th month from that date.  The month of initial joining determines your dues anniversary month for a Single membership.  Annual renewal of membership will extend membership for another year from the previous expiration date.   If unsure of your renewal month, CHECK HERE.

Additional members in the same household may join or renew at a rate of $15 for a 12-month period, provided they join or renew at the same time as a Single membership from the same household.  Joint members may also be added later to an existing Single membership for $15, but in that case the Joint membership ends at the same time as the Single membership to which it was added, which could be much less than a year.

On-line membership or membership renewal can handle a Single membership ($30), a Single membership plus 1 Joint membership ($45), or a Single membership plus 2 Joint memberships ($60).  Adding more than 2 joint memberships at the same household or adding a Joint membership to an already existing Single membership is sufficiently rare that it is not supported on-line, but can be done by communicating with the BVCC Membership Chair. 

Members need to live close enough to Bella Vista for it to be plausible they could physically attend a meeting when issues requiring a membership vote occur.  For that reason the on-line forms only support addresses in Arkansas (AR), Missouri (MO), and Oklahoma (OK).

We do lose a small portion of the dues payment to processing charges with on-line payments.  If it is equally easy to pay with cash or check at a meeting event or with a check and membership form by mail, consider those alternatives.