Remote Help

Several of our members who work at our Help Clinics have volunteered to provide remote help over the Internet or over the telephone for problems or issues that can be handled in that way.  The membership status of the requester will be verified.  Remote Help, like Help Clinic attendance, requires you to be an active member of BVCC.  If your membership has recently expired and printing a membership form and mailing your renewal is not a viable option, you may now use the on-line membership renewal process at Get Involved â–ºJoin/Renew

Diagnosis and resolution of some PC problems, or aiding with some application problem that is unique to your computer, may require our personnel to have access to your computer desktop remotely.  This requires that your computer is sufficiently functional to boot up successfully and that you have Internet access.  Our remote desktop tool of choice is AnyDesk, but individual helpers may have other tools available as well.  These tools are fairly easy to install if not already present (see the April Bits & Bytes newsletter). 

While much of our support expertise tends to center around PCs and MS Windows, we also have members with experience with other platforms and Operating Systems.  If our helpers don't know the answer, they might still be able to do some research that could help you. 

All our helpers are volunteers working on their own time, so we can't guarantee a response time or even a response day, but will establish some contact back to you as soon as possible at the contact email or phone number that BVCC has on record for you within the requested time-of-day window.