Scheduled Classes

General Information

Classes are free to BVCC members; you may become a member of BVCC on-line. 

You must pre-register for each training session separately listed below by signing up at a preceding General Meeting; or by contacting Education Chair Jill Doll at or texting her at 320-828-3413.  Supply class title, your name, phone number, and email contact information.  If by email or text, you should follow-up if a confirmation response is not received within 24 hours.  Contact information is used to send a class reminder, or to advise should it be necessary to cancel or reschedule the class.

May Classes

Using Microsoft Windows has been scheduled for Wednesday May 22, 9am - noon in the Training Center.  Covers the basics of Microsoft Windows usage, customization choices, tips, essential applications you may wish to install to make Windows more useful.  This will use Windows 11, but most of the user interfaces are very similar to those in Windows 10 as well.  Some of the more obvious differences between Windows 10 and Windows 11 will be discussed.  Instructor Joel Ewing.

Thunderbird Email Client Usage has been scheduled for Wednesday, May 29, 9am - 11am.  Thunderbird is a very versatile and completely free email client that can be installed under Windows, variants of Linux, and MacOS and which has the same general user interface on all platforms.  Thunderbird makes it easy to manage and organize email from many different email accounts in a single place.  Topics include:  Download and installation of Thunderbird; setting up the definitions to access an email account; defining folders locally or under a specific email account using IMAP access; defining filters to automatically separate received emails into different folders; other useful features of Thunderbird.  Instructor Joel Ewing.