Upcoming Events
Sep 19, 2pm-4pm, "Basic Computer Security, Pt 2" (in Training Center)
Sep 20, Help Clinic, 9am - noon(Also see Remote Help)
Sep 21, 10am-noon, "Basic Computer, Part 1" (in Training Center)
Sep 21, 1pm-3pm, "KeePassXC Password Manager" (in Training Center)
Sep 28, 10am-noon, "Basic Computer, Part 2" (in Training Center)
Oct 3, 9am-11am, "Recordings, Movies and More" (in Training Center)
Oct 5, 10am-noon, "Basic Computer, Part 3" (in Training Center)
Oct 7, Help Clinic, 9am - noon(Also see Remote Help)
Oct 9, 7pm General Meeting: "Q & A"
Oct 12, 10am-noon, "Basic Computer, Part 4" (in Training Center)
Oct 20, 1pm-3pm, "Genealogy SIG" (in Training Center)

New four part class series on Basic Computer skills, free for members and non-members.   Click HERE for additional information.

October 9, 7pm General Meeting. Topic: "Q&A: Panel of Experts", with Woody Ogden and Pete Opland.  Another opportunity to submit your computer-related questions to our panel.  If our panel doesn't know the answer, someone else in the audience may.  Questions accepted in advance or from the floor; but If you know your question in advance, email your question to Q.and.A@bvcomputerclub.org, in case research is required to give the best answer.  This will be an in-person meeting (with Zoom simulcast) in Room 1001 in the lower level of Highlands Crossing Center, 1801 Forest Hills Blvd., Bella Vista, AR.  Links to Google Maps for the location of HCC and for directions inside HCC are located at the bottom of this web page. 

For those who are uncomfortable with an in-person meeting because of health or other issues, the concurrent Zoom broadcast of the Sep 11 General Meeting can be joined 5 to 10 minutes before the meeting by clicking this Zoom link, or manually specify Meeting ID: 830 6707 4837 and Passcode: 0tBmyt . 

Visitors and Guests are welcome.  For an explanation of using Zoom for BVCC meetings, see the article in the May Bits & Bytes newsletter.  The Zoom application can be installed on PCs, Macs, and mobile devices for free.


We produce a monthly Bits & Bytes Newsletter and have a monthly general meeting open to the public at 7pm on the 2nd Monday of the month.  For our members we also provide Help Clinics (Member Benefits ►Help Clinics), remote help (Member Benefits ►Remote Help), classes (Member Benefits ►Classes ►Scheduled), and a Genealogy Special Interest Group (Member Benefits ►SIG).  Upcoming meetings and events may also be found on the monthly calendars at Member Benefits ►Calendar.

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